Definition of Perks:

  1. An informal term for benefits that gives employees special benefits in addition to their salary and benefits (e.g. health and retirement plans). Real benefits have little or no tax or implications for the current price and can include company cars, vacations, designated parking spaces, spacious offices, dining rooms and private bathrooms.

  2. Get it or make it more pleasant, lively or charming.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Perks


Origin of word Perks

1930s abbreviation of percolate.

Synonyms of Perks

Become more cheerful, Brighten up, Feel happier, Become livelier, Take heart, Liven up, Revive, Cheer up, Brighten, Be heartened

How to use Perks in a sentence?

  1. She is depressed, but seems to be getting better over the past week.
  2. Some jobs have different benefits and you have to work hard to get the most out of them.
  3. I got a job at a grocery store because it had many benefits, like being able to set my own schedule.
  4. When you discover the benefits of a potential job vacancy, you'll know if it's really worth finding.

Meaning of Perks & Perks Definition