Definition of Perjury:

  1. The offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

  2. Criminal offense of knowingly giving false or misleading oral or written evidence under oath, punishable with imprisonment and/or fine. Making a false assertion in a statutory declaration, or in accounting or financial statements, may also be considered perjury.

Synonyms of Perjury

Lying under oath, Violation of an oath, Giving false evidence, Giving false testimony, Bearing false testimony, Bearing false witness, Forswearing oneself, Making false statements, Wilful falsehood, Artfulness, Coloring, Confabulation, Craftiness, Credibility gap, Deceitfulness, Disingenuousness, Distortion, Equivocation, Exaggeration, False coloring, False swearing, Falseheartedness, Falsification, Falsifying, Forswearing, Fraud, Insincerity, Intrigue, Lying, Mendaciousness, Mendacity, Miscoloring, Misconstruction, Misrepresentation, Misstatement, Perversion, Prevarication, Sharp practice, Straining, Uncandidness, Uncandor, Unfrankness, Unsincereness, Untruthfulness

How to use Perjury in a sentence?

  1. He claimed two witnesses at his trial had committed perjury.

Meaning of Perjury & Perjury Definition