Definition of Perishable:

  1. Things, especially food, tend to spoil or spoil quickly.

  2. Items that may lose their usefulness and value if they are not properly stored or transported, or if they are not used for a specific period of time.

  3. (Especially food) tends to rot or thaw quickly

Synonyms of Perishable

Changeable, Decomposable, Unstable, Ephemeral, Frail, Undurable, Inconstant, Evanescent, Transitory, Temporary, Mortal, Dying, Mutable, Brittle, Impetuous, Impulsive, Subject to death, Transitive, Fleeting, Flying, Capricious, Fly-by-night, Fading, Momentary, Passing, Fugitive, Easily spoilt, Liable to rot, Nondurable, Fickle, Fragile, Biodegradable, Volatile, Unenduring, Nonpermanent, Temporal, Flitting, Insubstantial, Deciduous, Impermanent, Fugacious, Short-lived, Corruptible, Transient

How to use Perishable in a sentence?

  1. Disposable products are shipped by sea, so we estimate that the expected useful life will be 2 weeks after arrival.
  2. I realized that this person's writing is illegal and could be lost for some time in the future if he was not saved.
  3. Storage of perishable products.
  4. Imagine how easy it would be to store and carry food without the need to store food in the refrigerator.
  5. Whenever you are dealing with perishable items, try to get them off the shelf as soon as possible.

Meaning of Perishable & Perishable Definition