Periodic Health Exam

Periodic Health Exam,

Periodic Health Exam: What is the Meaning of Periodic Health Exam?

  • You can define Periodic Health Exam as, Typically, routine health checks are routinely performed for preventative purposes, for example. B. Routine or annual physical examination.

Literal Meanings of Periodic Health Exam


Meanings of Periodic:
  1. It happens or happens from time to time.

  2. Refers to the periodic table of elements or sketches related to the basic chemical properties.

  3. Rhetoric based on time.

Sentences of Periodic
  1. He visited his father regularly

  2. Growing weights give order to Mendeleev, the mayor and other matters and their behavior from time to time. Show behavior.

Synonyms of Periodic

cyclical, seasonal, periodical, repeated, cyclic, regular, recurring, recurrent, at fixed intervals


Synonyms of Health

physical fitness, good kilter, haleness, healthiness, fine fettle, fitness, well-being, good physical condition, good trim, good shape


Meanings of Exam:
  1. Test Abbreviation (Meaning 2)

  2. A special type of medical test.

Sentences of Exam
  1. He may fail the test again

  2. Routine eye exams

Synonyms of Exam

assessment, question paper, test, oral, paper, examination, practical