Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews,

What Does Performance Reviews Mean?

  • You can define Performance Reviews as, Analysis of the company's work habits in a timely manner to determine the degree of fulfillment of set goals and expectations.

Literal Meanings of Performance Reviews


Meanings of Performance:
  1. Directing or composing plays, concerts or other forms of entertainment.

  2. The act or function of performing or performing a task.

Sentences of Performance
  1. Don Giovanni made his first offer in 1787

  2. Performing a single task permanently lowers the level of the machine in man

Synonyms of Performance

conducting, presentation, achievement, execution, effecting, showing, dispatch, discharge, accomplishment, carrying out, staging, act, completion, conduct, production, implementation, show, fulfilment, entertainment


Meanings of Reviews:
  1. If necessary, make (some) regular assessments with the goal of initiating change.

  2. Write critical reviews (books, plays, movies, etc.) for publication in newspapers or magazines.

  3. Regular and formal inspection of (a ruler, commander-in-chief or senior visitor) (military or navy)

  4. Check back or check.

  5. A formal review of an item with the purpose of making changes if necessary.

  6. A critical look at a book, play, movie, etc. is published in a newspaper or magazine.

  7. Formal ceremonies and inspections by the military or navy are usually held by high-ranking rulers, commanders-in-chief or visitors.

  8. A function of playing a tape recorded during a rewind or fast rewind to stop it at a certain point.

Sentences of Reviews
  1. The Home Secretary has been asked to review UK arms laws

  2. Then I saw his first novel

  3. The queen inspects her colorful army

  4. All slides were examined by a pathologist.

  5. A comprehensive overview of UK defense policy

  6. It released its first solo album for review.

  7. He took a final look at his troops and spoke of his pride in serving in the US military.

  8. Cue and review, which plays the tape backwards or forwards

Synonyms of Reviews

inspection, procession, inspect, appraisal, analysis, evaluation, commentary, evaluate, take a fresh look at, think over, examination, judge, tattoo, inquiry, reassess, notice, critique, probe, rate, array, assess, criticize, write-up, assessment