Performance (project/program) Evaluation

Performance (project/program) Evaluation,

What is The Meaning of Performance (project/program) Evaluation?

  • Through PERT review techniques. Management planning tool that records the tasks involved in a project and shows the workflow, time required for each task, etc.

Literal Meanings of Performance (project/program) Evaluation


Meanings of Performance:
  1. Directing or performing a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.

  2. An action or process to perform or perform an action or process.

Sentences of Performance
  1. Don Giovanni first appeared in 1787

  2. Performing a single task permanently has to reduce a person to a machine

Synonyms of Performance

execution, fulfilment, accomplishment, production, show, carrying out, conduct, implementation, act, effecting, discharge, entertainment, dispatch, achievement, showing, conducting, completion, staging, presentation


Meanings of Project:
  1. Individual or collaborative efforts carefully planned to achieve a specific goal.

  2. State subsidized housing with relatively low rent.

  3. Estimates or predictions (of something) based on current trends or statistics.

  4. Make more progress than anything that stands out.

  5. Move the game forward or backward.

  6. Present or promote (show some or images)

  7. Draw straight lines parallel to the center line or through each point (a specific image) to create a suitable image on the surface or line by cutting the surface.

  8. Project on a flat surface (earth, sky, etc.).

Sentences of Project
  1. A research project

  2. His family still lives in the project

  3. The cost was estimated at $ 72 million

  4. I saw a sheet of paper from the book.

  5. The seeds were removed from the tree

  6. Trying to portray the youth

Synonyms of Project

undertaking, lob, lap over, scheme, stand out, campaign, hang over, shoot, put over, propel, bulge out, cast, promote, plan of action, convey, jut, hurl, fling, discharge, stick out, protrude, plan


Meanings of Program:
  1. A series of actions or activities related to a specific long-term goal.

  2. A set of coded software instructions for controlling the operation of a computer or other machine.

  3. Regular broadcasts of television or radio presentations or articles, especially at specific times.

  4. A sheet or booklet with details about the item or artist at the event or show.

  5. Provides coded instructions (on a computer or other machine) to perform tasks automatically.

  6. Set a plan or schedule.

  7. Game (article)

Sentences of Program
  1. Comprehensive reform program

  2. As a result, processing power is quickly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.

  3. Just a computer program to recognize these symbols

  4. The station does not display modern works

Synonyms of Program

podcast, production, plan of action, list of players, program, performance, videocast, initiative, schedule, show, project, presentation, lay out, routine, series of measures, telecast, arrange, plan, list of performers, simulcast, list of artistes, use, line up


Meanings of Evaluation:
  1. Rate numbers, counts or comments.

Sentences of Evaluation
  1. Evaluate each method

Synonyms of Evaluation

summing up, rating, ranking, judgement, weighing up, appraisal, consideration, assay, gauging, estimation, analysis, opinion, assessment