Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds,

Performance Bonds Meanings:

Performance Guarantee is provided to one of the contracting parties as a guarantee against the other party for breach of contractual obligations. This is also known as a contract bond. Generally, the bank or insurer will provide a performance guarantee to ensure that the contractor performs a particular project.

  • The performance of one party is guaranteed to the other party in agreement with the other party in violation of the obligations of the agreement.
  • Performance guarantees are usually issued by banks or insurance companies.
  • In many cases, the seller needs to provide performance guarantees to reassure the buyer that the goods sold have not been delivered.

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Meanings of Performance:
  1. Directing or performing a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.

  2. An action or process to perform or perform an action.

Sentences of Performance
  1. Don Giovanni first appeared in 1787

  2. Performing a single task permanently has to reduce a person to a machine

Synonyms of Performance

accomplishment, fulfilment, discharge, entertainment, effecting, show, dispatch, carrying out, staging, conducting, execution, production, conduct, achievement, act, showing, presentation, completion, implementation


Meanings of Bonds:
  1. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  2. A contact between two surfaces or objects that is joined by a special adhesive, heat or pressure.

  3. Agreement with the power of law.

  4. The model in which bricks are placed to guarantee the strength of the resulting structure.

  5. Attachment to safe objects or other objects, especially glue, heat or pressure.

  6. Connect or connect with chemical bonds.

  7. Place (stones) in an overlapping pattern to form a strong structure.

  8. Storage (taxable goods)

Sentences of Bonds
  1. There is a link between them

  2. Marriage as a legal bond may be old, but I doubt it.

  3. Link in English

  4. Press content to join layers

  5. Neutral molecules are connected to the central nucleus

  6. The strong spread was in the shape of a drum and was made of stone, which was connected horizontally with layers of red tiles.

Synonyms of Bonds

alliance, word, word of honour, gum, attach, vow, oath, fix, fuse, promise, pledge, secure, affiliation, glue, fasten, avowal, connect, friendship, bind, association, fellowship, solemn word, cement, guarantee, solder, relationship, assurance, join