Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal,

Definition of Performance appraisal:

  1. The process by which a manager or consultant (1) examines and evaluates an employees work behavior by comparing it with preset standards, (2) documents the results of the comparison, and (3) uses the results to provide feedback to the employee to show where improvements are needed and why.

    Performance appraisals are employed to determine who needs what training, and who will be promoted, demoted, retained, or fired.

  2. The appraisal of how well an employee or student performs in his or her work; an instance of this.

How to use Performance appraisal in a sentence?

  1. Filling out a performance appraisal on your employees can be tough but you must give a fair and honest evaluation.
  2. The performance appraisal indicated that John Roberts was performing better than the target we had set out for the new analyst.
  3. I was nervous at work today because today would be my performance appraisal and I would find out how I was doing for the company.

Meaning of Performance appraisal & Performance appraisal Definition