Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm,

Perfect Storm Definition:

  1. Random situations combine to have a devastating effect. Il s'agit d'une allusion aux facteurs météorologifications, coramment appliqués aux commercial events or economics, in the face of severe catastrophe or result chtic result de force or defects can be imposed.

Literal Meanings of Perfect Storm


Meanings of Perfect:
  1. Make (something) completely free from defects or flaws, or make it as close as possible to such situations.

  2. Perfect weather

  3. It has every element, quality or property that you want or want and it is the best.

  4. Fully complete (used for emphasis)

  5. (A number) is equal to the sum of its positive factors, page ... An example of a number 6 to which divorcees (1, 2, 3) also add up to 6.

  6. (Time) refers to an action that has been completed, or a state of habit, or an action that has been initiated in the past. In English the perfect is formed which has or has a past, because they eat and eat (from dawn) (present perfect), eat (past perfect) and eat (future perfect)

  7. (Of flowers) in which stamens and carpels are present and functioning.

Sentences of Perfect
  1. He is busy completing his bowling technique

  2. Life is definitely not perfect anymore

  3. Total stranger

  4. Before posting, he also found the upper limit for the smallest part of the odd perfect number.

  5. It has seven heads, is incomplete, has a suffix and has a syntax.

Synonyms of Perfect

ultimate, ideal, out-and-out, polish, thorough, utter, unalloyed, hone, absolute, consummate, put the final touches to, bring to perfection, model, unmitigated, best-example, make perfect, complete, real, unqualified, flawless, copybook, brush up, fine-tune, ameliorate, improve, without fault, total


Meanings of Storm:
  1. Move in a certain direction with anger or force.

  2. (Military) Attack (buildings or other places) suddenly.

  3. (Weather) Violent with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning or snow.

  4. A strong change in the atmosphere with strong winds and especially rain, thunder, lightning or snow.

  5. Hurricane response, commotion or conflict.

  6. Storm window

  7. Direct attack of troops on strong forts.

Sentences of Storm
  1. She cries and cries

  2. The day before, commandos had attacked the hijacked plane

  3. When the day comes, I change my route before I get to Harry's house

  4. This type of storm can cause rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightning.

  5. The book took South America by storm

Synonyms of Storm

brouhaha, stamp, attempt to capture, descent, incursion, make a sortie on, blitzkrieg, disturbance, raid, fling, squall, thrust, trouble, commotion, make a raid on, conduct an offensive on, stomp, make a foray on, uproar, assault, stride angrily, flounce