Definition of Perception:

  1. The process by which people translate sensory impressions into a coherent and unified view of the world around them. Although ideas should be based on incomplete and unreliable (or unreliable) information, for most practical purposes they are consistent with reality and generally guide human behavior.

  2. The ability to see, hear, or do something through the senses.

Synonyms of Perception

Night vision, Perspicacity, Thought, Consciousness, Astuteness, Providence, Eye, Judgment, Range, Mindfulness, Notice, ■■■■■■■■■■■, Opinion, Percipience, Critical discernment, Mental image, Perspective, Perspicaciousness, Sensation, Visual acuity, Discernment, Sweep, Visual field, Acuteness, Day vision, Realization, Incisiveness, Apprehension, Response, Farseeingness, Understanding, Noesis, Idea, Conceit, Mental impression, Flair, Farsight, Acuity, Impression, Acumen, Keen sight, Photopia, Field of view, Peripheral vision, Memory-trace, Knowledge, Insight, Field of vision, Scope, Cogency, Grasp, Intuition, Unobstructed vision, Quick sight, Conception, Daylight vision, Ken, Note, Notion, Sense of sight, Cognizance, Foresight, Imago, Sense, View, Clear sight, Perspicuousness, Representation, Sense perception, Color vision, Experience, Sight, Foresightedness, Theory, Sentiment, Concept, Reflection, Twilight vision, Appreciativeness, Observation, Purview, Trenchancy, Rod vision, Power of sight, Appreciation, Scotopia, Sagaciousness, Eye-mindedness, Seeing, Longsightedness, Perspicuity, Sightedness, Sensibility, Image, Intellectual object, Peripheral field, Intellection, Farsightedness, Sagacity, Response to stimuli, Eyesight, Cognition, Recognition, Feel, Recept, Apperception, Feeling, Sense impression, Comprehension, Supposition, Vision, Percept, Sensory experience, Longheadedness, Horizon, Awareness, Perceptiveness, Cone vision, Fancy, Instinct, Visual sense

How to use Perception in a sentence?

  1. Despite the constant and costly advertising campaign aimed at enhancing the company's image, public perception of the company and its brands is negative.
  2. General limits of human perception.
  3. Many believe that Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It means only racial equality and justice.
  4. During a lunch break at school, two girls fight when the teacher asks another student to start a fight, and everyone has different ideas about it.

Meaning of Perception & Perception Definition

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