Definition of Percent:

  1. Fraction of 100 denoted as 1/100th. The symbol % is used to denote percent and usually follows a number, for example 50% (literally meaning 50/100). See also percentage.

  2. By a specified amount in or for every hundred.

  3. One part in every hundred.

How to use Percent in a sentence?

  1. A reduction of half a percent or so in price.
  2. When deciding what to budget and where you should break things down to a percent to make it easier for you.
  3. One hundred percent of my friends like me for who I am; although significantly less than that agree with me on political issues.
  4. New car sales may be down nineteen percent.
  5. In todays analytical business world everything can be broken down to a percent to tell you if it is worthwhile or not.

Meaning of Percent & Percent Definition

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