Per-loss Deductible

Per-loss Deductible,

How To Define Per-loss Deductible?

A simple definition of Per-loss Deductible is: Indicates the amount of the first dollar loss paid by the insured for each claim.

Literal Meanings of Per-loss Deductible


Meanings of Per:
  1. For each (used with units to display rates)

  2. Divided by title line.

Sentences of Per
  1. A gas station that costs 29 1.29 a gallon

  2. With software

  3. Do as instructed

Synonyms of Per

in harmony with, commensurate with, in agreement with, as per, following, in conformity with, in keeping with, per, honouring, true to, in fulfilment of, as specified by, to, observing, in obedience to, in accordance with, heeding, every, each, in compliance with, in line with


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

forgetting, misplacement, mislaying, dropping, overlooking


Meanings of Deductible:
  1. This can be deducted primarily from taxable profits or taxable taxes.

  2. (In insurance policy) A certain amount that must be paid by the insured before the claim is settled by the insurer.

Sentences of Deductible
  1. Childcare vouchers are deductible for employers.