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Where did the locals go? ۔

Being religious, most locals believe in ghosts more than prophets. Does that mean they're all gone? What have we seen in North America and elsewhere that we haven't learned about religion and religion?

If anyone hears the good news and keeps it, he will do it.

If a person has never heard the gospel (for which every believer has equal opportunities) or if he cannot be held accountable (mentally handicapped like a child) he will not. Know that W has a chance and W doesn't.

Make a fair decision

I may not be very religious, but I am spiritual. I believe there is no paradise or just a state. And when you are on this earth, you can leave to learn or start a new life.

I grew up in Lutheran, Weaver, and I think you are looking for a Christian perspective. Well, according to Christian Wheat, if you are not saved, you are gone. That way, people who have never had a bicycle will walk away automatically.

That's one of the reasons I started a new way of life. I don't think it's appropriate to create a world that some people don't know about and that's why they go there, even if they're good people.

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