People Who Make Ads

People Who Make Ads

What do you call an ad / ad creator? 3

Are you a marketing or advertising manager or something?

It's not just one person, it really depends on the job, but usually the following people are the ones whose ads you see on print, on the web, on TV, etc.

1 Graphic designer

2 Artistic director

3 text editors

4 creative directors

The creative director is usually responsible for presenting the concept. Once the concept is adopted, the registered team will make an announcement.

Correction: A fool is a person who is actually a television or radio advertisement, ie sound, musical montage, etc., but is not involved in the concept or stage of imagination. User does not work with print and outdoor advertising.

The person who does this is called a yogi. People who work in advertising agencies make decisions and have different names. From creative director to project manager. They are part of the world of marketing.

People Who Make Ads