Penal Escolar

Penal Escolar

Criminal (school kit), which word is average ???? Someone answer me !! ۔

Yesterday I was in the course and a colleague of mine was with a new case, yes and a friend of mine was saying to be punished here ....

Then you lose or keep your case, pencil, pen, etc. Which is fake.

When he didn't say I had never seen that criminal word before, I gave him an acquaintance !!

I either want to know why this school is named, where does this word come from?

13-letter textbook,

6 You (and, o, o, and, o, a)

And 7 is constant (s, t, j, s, c, l, r)

More or what does the word mean by school.

Before pens are made with pens, people will keep their punishment in the penitentiary and keep their punishment in the penis.

Don't send the South - called the culprit.

This is a common name for a recipient (or box) that is used to store certain items, such as pencils, nets, documents, etc. In Old and some parts of Santa Catarina, the criminal is considered guilty.

In Russia and Iman, the criminal record goes back to the hair of Pirana and Santa Catarina in Ukraine.

Penal Escolar