What is The Definition of Pen-pusher?

  1. Boring employee whose job is to handle documents, documents, etc. unrelated

Literal Meanings of Pen-pusher


Meanings of Pen:
  1. An ink writing or drawing tool, usually made of metal tip or ball or nylon tip, is inserted into a metal or plastic jar.

  2. The inner layers of the octopus are thin and cartilaginous.

  3. Write or write.

  4. A small pond where sheep, pigs, cows or other pets are kept.

  5. Keep in the cage (animal).

  6. Female goose

  7. An international organization of poets, screenwriters, editors, essayists and novelists.

Sentences of Pen
  1. This includes soft toys, balls, pens, pencils and paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  2. It has no spine, but a pen-shaped pencil under the hair or under the body.

  3. I haven't written a single line for Lizzie in three years

  4. In addition to the original red house, the farm now has two warehouses, a stable and several sheds.

  5. It was customary to cut sheep with a pencil

  6. Feathers or swans are visible in the nest, but no one is visible.

Synonyms of Pen

enclosure, fold, sheepfold, pound, compound, paddock, stockade, sty, coop, cage, stall, lock-up, confine, enclose, impound, shut in, fence in


Meanings of Pusher:
  1. Someone who sells illegal drugs.

  2. Someone or something is pushing something.

Sentences of Pusher
  1. The jumping device presses the filled clips one by one.

Synonyms of Pusher

trader, tradesman, tradesperson, merchant, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, seller, buyer, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, distributor, supplier, vendor, shopkeeper, retailer, wholesaler, purveyor, marketer, trafficker, pedlar, hawker