Pell Grant

Pell Grant,

What is The Definition of Pell Grant?

  1. Pell Grant definition is: The Peel Scholarship is a federal scholarship given to students after secondary education in colleges, universities and vocational schools. Peel's grant is based on financial need and, unlike federal student loans, no repayment is required, except in exceptional cases.

    • Peel grants are based on financial need and, unlike loans, usually do not require repayment.
    • To qualify, applicants must complete a free Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA) each year.
    • Each school determines the maximum amount of federal grant (if any) offered to each student.

Literal Meanings of Pell Grant


Meanings of Pell:
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Meanings of Grant:
  1. Accept to give or allow (anything necessary)

Sentences of Grant
  1. A letter from which they smoke

  2. It's not very advanced, I accept that.

Synonyms of Grant

allow, subvention, gift, contribution, appreciate, endowment, concede, admit, award, permit, afford, acknowledge, recognize, allowance, confess, cede, accept, present, subsidy, allotment, bursary, donation