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Peer perform,

Definition of Peer perform:

  1. Peer perform is an investment rating that sell-side analysts use when a given security provides returns consistent with those of other companies in its sector. A peer perform is a neutral assessment; it predicts a security will move in line with similar companies. The peer perform roughly equates to a rating of hold because investors do not expect the security to outperform comparable assets.

  2. Only a minority of sell-side research operations currently use the peer perform rating, instead of using the equivalents: hold; market perform; or neutral; to convey roughly the same sentiment.

  3. When a security is expected to provide returns consistent with those of other companies in the same sector, a peer perform investment rating is given by analysts. A peer perform rating is similar to a hold rating in that investors do not think that the security will outperform other comparable assets.

How to use Peer perform in a sentence?

  1. Not often used, peer perform is roughly equivalent to market perform, neutral, or hold recommendations issued by equity analysts.
  2. Peer perform is used mainly by analysts that specialize in industry group or sector recommendations, including Wolfe Research and the now-defunct Bear Stearns.
  3. Peer perform is a sell-side analysts' rating that indicates a neutral outlook for the shares of a company.

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