Pedialyte Baby Formula

Pedialyte Baby Formula

Can I use a pedialite instead of a water formula?

No, if you use pedialite instead of water, your baby will have too much mineral salts and too little water, which can lead to dehydration and other problems.

You can combine 2 ounces of pedialite with 12 ounces of the formula developed.

Better rehydration solutions than pedialite are:

Pediatric powder

Maybe two and a half ounces of water and 2 ounces of pedulato to match the formula. I see that you will recover soon, I am sorry that your son is very difficult. But I'm not a doctor and I can't say for sure.

No, he pulled the pedal for more fluids, lost it with diarrhea. Combining it with formula will not give you extra fluid. Try some tasty things! Well, I can tell you that your son is recovering.

If your doctor says it's okay, you will. But you don't always take a bottle and mix only in the amount your doctor prescribes.

I don't want this

Try adding sugar to the pedialite.

I used to mix half the tea with 2 ounces for myself when he was still the boss ... wanting twenty sweets ... so that might help.

I see that you will recover soon .. There is no virus infection :(


You can also ask your pharmacist ... but I think you can, but I don't know, 100% sure ...

Pedialyte Baby Formula

Pedialyte Baby Formula

I don't want to do this. Ask your doctor.

Pedialyte Baby Formula