Peck (pk)

Peck (pk),

Definition of Peck (pk):

  1. (of a bird) strike or bite something with its beak.

  2. Traditional unit of volume of dry commodities, equal to 2 gallons. US peck holds about 537.60 cubic inches or 8.80 liters. UK peck holds about 554.84 cubic inches or 9.0 liters.

  3. A stroke or bite by a bird with its beak.

  4. Food.

Origin of word Peck (pk)

Variant of obsolete pick ‘fix (something pointed) in the ground’.

Synonyms of Peck (pk)

Bite, Nip, Strike, Hit, Tap, Rap, Jab, Poke, Prick

How to use Peck (pk) in a sentence?

  1. The bird managed to give its attacker a sharp peck.
  2. Two geese were pecking at some grain.

Meaning of Peck (pk) & Peck (pk) Definition