Definition of Peak:

  1. Greatest; maximum.

  2. Reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time.

  3. The highest demand, earnings, price, rate, value, etc., reached during a period.

  4. The pointed top of a mountain.

Synonyms of Peak

Maximum, Maximal, Top, Greatest, Highest, Utmost, Uttermost, Extreme, Reach its highest point, Reach the high point, Acme, Acme of perfection, All, Allophone, Alp, Alveolar, Apex, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Apogee, Articulation, Aspiration, Assimilation, Be poised, Bilabial, Bill, Billow, ■■■■, Bore, Bottoming out, Break, Breakers, Brim, Brow, Business cycle, Business fluctuations, Bust, Cacuminal, Cap, Capstone, Ceiling, Cerebral, Check, Chop, Choppiness, Chopping sea, ■■■■■■, Cloud nine, Cog, Comb, Comber, Consonant, Consummate, Consummation, Continuant, Cooling off, Crag, Crash, Crest, Crisis, Crown, Culmen, Culminate, Culmination, Dash, Decline, Dental, Depression, Diphthong, Dirty water, Dissimilation, Downturn, Droop, Dwindle, Eagre, Ebb and flow, Economic cycle, Economic expansion, Economic growth, Edge, Elevation, Eminence, End, Epenthetic vowel, Expanding economy, Expansion, Explosive, Extreme, Extreme limit, Extremity, Fade, Fail, Fang, Flag, Frost, Glide, Glottal, Glottalization, Gravity wave, Ground swell, Growth, Guttural, Harrow, Head, Heave, Heaven, Heavens, Heavy sea, Heavy swell, Height, High growth rate, High noon, High point, Highest degree, Highest pitch, Highest point, Hill, Hilltop, Ice, Jag, Knoll, Labial, Labialization, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Languish, Laryngeal, Last word, Lateral, Lift, Limit, Lingual, Liquid, Lofty peak, Lop, Lose strength, Low, Manner of articulation, Market expansion, Maximum, Meridian, Modification, Monophthong, Morphophoneme, Mount, Mountain, Mountaintop, Mute, Nasal, Ne plus ultra, Nib, No place higher, Noon, Nth degree, Occlusive, Outtop, Overarch, Overtop, Palatal, Parasitic vowel, Peaking, Pecten, Perfection, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealization, Phone, Phoneme, Pic, Pico, Pike, Pine, Pink, Pink of perfection, Pinnacle, Pitch, Plosive, Point, Pole, Popple, Precipice, Projection, Prosperity, Prothetic vowel, Rake, Ratchet, Recession, Recovery, Retroflex, Ridge, Riffle, Ripple, Rise, Rise and fall, Roll, Roller, Roof, Rough water, Run down, Sawtooth, Scend, Sea, Segmental phoneme, Semivowel, Send, Seventh heaven, Sink, Sky, Slowdown, Slump, Smash, Snag, Snaggle, Sonant, Sonority, Speech sound, Spire, Sprocket, Spur, Steeple, Stop, Summit, Surd, Surf, Surge, Surmount, Swell, Syllabic nucleus, Syllabic peak, Syllable, The whole, Tidal bore, Tidal wave, Tide wave, Tip, Tip-top, Tooth, Top, Top off, Top out, Tor, Toss, Transition sound, Triphthong, Trough, Tsunami, Ultimate, Undulate, Undulation, Upmost, Upper extremity, Uppermost, Upturn, Utmost, Utmost extent, Uttermost, Velar, Vertex, Very top, Visor, Vocable, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voice, Voiced sound, Voiceless sound, Voicing, Vowel, Waste, Waste away, Water wave, Wave, Wavelet, Weaken, White horses, Whitecaps, Wilt, Wither, Wither away, Zenith, Summit, Top, Crest, Pinnacle, Mountaintop, Spire, Heights, Brow, Apex, Crown, Tip, Cap, Vertex, Acme, Zenith, Apogee

How to use Peak in a sentence?

  1. Its popularity peaked in the 1940s.
  2. The snowy peaks rose against the blue of a cloudless sky.
  3. He did not expect to be anywhere near peak fitness until Christmas.

Meaning of Peak & Peak Definition

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