Definition of Payroll:

  1. The total amount needed to pay workers and employees for one week, one month or another.

  2. Payroll, which records the level of wages, deductions and net wages.

  3. List of employees of the company and the amount they have to pay

Synonyms of Payroll

Wage scale, Wage freeze, Net income, Sliding scale, Purchasing power, Wages, Payment, Escalator clause, Pay and allowances, Portal-to-portal pay, Wage control, Remuneration, Pay, Wages after deductions, Gross income, Taxable income, Wage, Dismissal wage, Severance pay, Living wage, Minimum wage, Real wages, Earnings, Financial remuneration, Hire, Wage rollback, Base pay, Wages after taxes, Compensation, Wage reduction, Salary, Escalator plan, Take-home, Total compensation, Take-home pay, Guaranteed annual wage, Income

How to use Payroll in a sentence?

  1. There are only three employees on payroll.
  2. You need to calculate how much you can get in full pay so you can estimate how much each employee can earn.
  3. When the company hired Linda, Human Resources asked her to fill out a form so she could join the payroll.
  4. When looking at the total cost of running a cafe in a neighborhood, consider not only the value of the property and its products, but also the cost of labor in that market.

Meaning of Payroll & Payroll Definition