Payroll deduction

Payroll deduction,

Definition of Payroll deduction:

  1. Amount withheld by an employer from employees earnings. It typically includes income tax, national insurance or social security contributions, and may also include group insurance or pension fund contributions, union or association dues, authorized wage assignments, etc.

How to use Payroll deduction in a sentence?

  1. The payroll deduction meant that a lot of people were not going to be happy anymore and maybe even leave for good.
  2. John found it easy to contribute more money to his 401K through payroll deduction because they money never made it into his pocket and he did not feel like he was paying another bill.
  3. You need to make sure that you have enough funds to handle any payroll deduction that you will have to make.

Meaning of Payroll deduction & Payroll deduction Definition

Payroll Deduction,

What is The Definition of Payroll Deduction?

  • Payroll Deduction means: The method of paying insurance premiums, usually for personal policies, is sometimes presented as an employee benefit. The insured (employee) authorizes the employer to deduct the premium from his salary.

Literal Meanings of Payroll Deduction


Meanings of Payroll:
  1. List of employees of the company and the amount they have to pay.

Sentences of Payroll
  1. There are only three employees on payroll


Meanings of Deduction:
  1. More or less

  2. Completion of a particular case with respect to a law or general rule.

Sentences of Deduction
  1. Shares are tax-free

  2. Detectives must find the killer

Synonyms of Deduction

abstraction, thesis, presumption, assumption, subtraction, discounting, removal, taking off, inference, conviction, supposition, taking away, conclusion, docking, debit, belief, withdrawal, hypothesis, suspicion