Payout Meanings:

  1. Payout refers to Payment means any expected financial return or expenses from an investment or annual amount. Payments can be reported in aggregate or periodic form and can be expressed as a percentage of the investment cost or the actual amount of one dollar.

    • Payment means the distribution of expected financial income or investment or annual distribution.
    • In the case of financial guarantees, the payment is the period in which the monthly payment for the annual payment is made.
    • Payment can also refer to a large budgeting tool, which is used to determine how long it will take to finance a project itself.
    • Companies can share profits with investors by issuing dividends and repurchasing shares.
    • Payment installments are installments of income paid to investors in the form of distribution.

  2. If you die, your beneficiary will receive a death benefit from your active life insurance as a payment. With life insurance, the death benefit is usually equal to the value stated in your policy. For products that offer cash or allow policy loans, the death benefit can be adjusted.

  3. Payout means:

    Sometimes, the insurance company will pay you as part or part of your insurance claim. See also benefits and rules.

Meanings of Payout

  1. Good cash payments, especially as compensation or profit.

Sentences of Payout

  1. Insurance payment

Synonyms of Payout

payment, payout, reward, recompense, consideration