Payout period

Payout period,

Definition of Payout period:

  1. During which benefits are received under an agreement.

Meaning of Payout period & Payout period Definition

Payout Period,

How Do You Define Payout Period?

  1. You can define Payout Period as, The period in which you receive income from your retirement agreement.

Literal Meanings of Payout Period


Meanings of Payout:
  1. Large sums, mainly as compensation or profit.

Sentences of Payout
  1. Insurance benefits

Synonyms of Payout

recompense, consideration, payment, payout, reward


Meanings of Period:
  1. Periodic interval between periodic or lubricating phenomena such as mechanical vibrations, alternating currents, variable stars, or electromagnetic waves.

  2. The flow of blood and other substances from the uterine lining, which occurs approximately between puberty and menopause in non-pregnant women. Occurs 28 days and usually lasts for several days.

  3. A set of elements that periodically occupy a full horizontal line on a table.

  4. Complex sentences, especially words that consist of several sentences, are developed in the context of speech or formal sentences.

  5. Belonging to or relating to a historical period of the past, especially in style or design

Sentences of Period
  1. There are rules

  2. As he spoke, he tossed the end of his lighted cigar into the air, as if illuminating it with a dim light.

  3. Horizontal lines or periods also have a tendency to speculate because if you move the line from left to right, only one electron is involved, which changes the atom number one by one.

  4. A good selection of antique furniture

Synonyms of Period

evocative, nostalgic, time, olde worlde, of yesteryear, spell, stretch, period, term, point, menstrual flow, duration, run, in period style, interval, stop, phase, stage, space, menstruation, session, chapter, bout, span