Payment By Results

Payment By Results,

Payment By Results:

Payment By Results can be defined as, A system of paying employees based on the amount of work. The higher the workload, the higher the salary.

Literal Meanings of Payment By Results


Meanings of Payment:
  1. The act or process of paying or receiving a payment to someone or something

  2. Amount paid or paid.

Sentences of Payment
  1. Ask for a discount if you pay immediately

  2. Temporary compensation $ 2500

Synonyms of Payment

remittance, reckoning, discharge, instalment, settlement, liquidation, clearance, amount, premium, remission


Meanings of By:
  1. Identify the operating agent.

  2. Show me how to get something.

  3. Enter the amount or size of the margin.

  4. Specify a deadline or expiration date.

  5. Includes location or location of physical object near object.

  6. Identify the period when something happened.

  7. Used in sweet desires.

  8. Compound

Sentences of By
  1. Malaria can be controlled by parasitic attacks

  2. The blow deprived them of miles

  3. I have to report this before Monday.

  4. The body was found on the side of the road.

  5. What you do is good for me

  6. A car passes on the road

Synonyms of By

via, as far as … is concerned, according to, next to, cheek by jowl with, on, by reason of, beyond, adjacent to, past, as a result of, no later than, by means of, owing to, before, as a consequence of, side by side with, abreast of, alongside, due to, by the side of, thanks to, along


Meanings of Results:
  1. The result of something happening or being followed.

  2. Anything else that causes or is created is an effect or effect.

  3. Information obtained through experiments or other scientific methods, quantities obtained by calculation or formulas.

Sentences of Results
  1. Anger can be the result of a fight

  2. Tower collapse due to security breach

  3. The results are checked by the researcher

Synonyms of Results

repercussion, termination, product, upshot, derive, consequence, evolve, aftermath, reverberation, reaction, proceed, flow, arise, fruits, culmination, answer, corollary, concomitant, spring, ramification, end, sequel, footprint, stem, out-turn, produce