Definition of Payload:

  1. Revenue producing load.

  2. Business end or purpose of a message or signal.

  3. The actual information or message in transmitted data, as opposed to automatically generated metadata.

  4. An explosive warhead carried by a missile.

  5. The part of a vehicles load, especially an aircrafts, from which revenue is derived; passengers and cargo.

Synonyms of Payload

Cargo, Freight, Freightage, Charge, Burden, Atomic warhead, Baggage, Bird, Blast, Burden, Cargo, Carload, Cartload, Charge, Consignment, Freight, Freightage, Full load, Goods, Guided missile, Haul, Impedimenta, Lading, Load, Luggage, Missile, Nuclear warhead, Pack, Rocket, Shipload, Shipment, Thermonuclear warhead, Torpedo, Trailerload, Trainload, Truckload, Vanload, War rocket, Warhead

How to use Payload in a sentence?

  1. It will carry a warhead payload of 404 dual-purpose improved conventional munition bomblets.
  2. The airplane will usually be carrying a payload (passengers, cargo, weapons) and often a full load of fuel.

Meaning of Payload & Payload Definition