Definition of Payable:

  1. Debts owed by a business; liabilities.

  2. (of money) required to be paid; due.

  3. Sum of money that ought to be paid, as agreed or required. See also payables.

  4. Able to be paid.

Synonyms of Payable

Due, To be paid, Owed, Owing

How to use Payable in a sentence?

  1. We are in dispute as to the amount payable as the vendor has yet to complete the underlying services giving rise to its invoice.
  2. Accounts payable (excluding customer refunds and construction payables).
  3. A payable amount is simply another way of describing a balance that is still owed or due. If you owe your doctor $120 for services rendered, the bill may say amount payable : $120 in place of balance due..
  4. Interest is payable on the money owing.
  5. The accounts payable section of our finances was higher than expected so we contacted our accounting department for some clarity.

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