Payable On Death (POD)

Payable On Death (POD),

What Does Payable On Death (POD) Mean?

  • The definition of Payable On Death (POD) is: Death Payable (POD) is an agreement between a bank or credit union and a consumer that determines the beneficiary to acquire all of the customer's assets. Transfer of assets immediately following the client's death. Just activated Although pathological, it is important to understand these structures.

    • Death Payable (POD) is an agreement that an individual makes with a financial institution so that they can benefit from their bank account or certificate of deposit.
    • The compensation to be paid in the event of death is also known as the Totten Trust.
    • PODs are easier to create and maintain than trusts and wills.

Literal Meanings of Payable On Death (POD)


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