Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Pay Per Sale (PPS)


A payment model for online advertising where payment is based solely on qualified sales.


In a pay-per-sale agreement, the advertiser only pays for the sales generated by the landing page, based on the agreed commission rate.

Pay-per-sale is often considered the most advertiser-friendly and least publishing-friendly payment model. In this scenario, the webmaster must ensure not only the quality and quantity of his target audience, but also the quality of the advertiser's ad units and landing page.

Many publishers avoid revenue-based deals whenever possible and prefer to stick to the CPM model. However, given low ad sales, some publishers have no choice but to make deals based on sales to take advantage of the remaining space.

For advertisers, pay per sale has unique advantages over pay per click and pay per lead. Less worry about whether the conversions are legit and whether the traffic is boosted or low-quality.

A commission structure where the advertiser pays the publisher a percentage or a fixed amount based on the revenue generated from the sale of a product or service to a visitor to the publisher's website.

Literal Meanings of Pay Per Sale (PPS)


Meanings of Pay:
  1. Money given in exchange for wages or salaries.

  2. Canceled as a debt or other obligation to pass or do what is owed or required.

  3. Working or available if parts are registered.

  4. Refer or require payment.

  5. Coating for plating (bottom of a ship, seam, masts, etc.) with tar or pitch or a waterproof composition of tallow, resin, etc.

Sentences of Pay
  1. Many employers have policies that prevent employees from comparing wages.

  2. Paid toilets.


Meanings of Per:
  1. To each, in each (used to express relations of units).

  2. Through, through, through, through.

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Sentences of Per
  1. $2.50 a dozen.

  2. 100 centimeters per meter.

  3. Insert the endoscope through the nose.

  4. I have parked the car on the curb at your request.


Meanings of Sale:
  1. (abbreviation for Discount Sale) Sale of goods at discounted prices.

Sentences of Sale
  1. They have a flea market: 50% off.


Meanings of PPS:
  1. One hundredth of a specific value used to measure a two percent difference.

  2. Proton and proton (used attributively to describe the collision or other interaction of these two particles).

Sentences of PPS
  1. The difference between 20% and 30% is 10 percentage points, not 10%. In fact, a 20-30% increase is a 50% increase. Only if, for example, 20% of the buyers choose the products of a certain company within one year and 22% the following year, there is an increase of 10%.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)