What is The Definition of Pay-as-you-go?

  1. This means how you pay for the service when you use it. B cell phone credit can also be used to pay off debts incurred.

Literal Meanings of Pay-as-you-go


Meanings of Pay:
  1. Work (work), receipt of goods or payment of money owed (to someone).

  2. An action may cause you to suffer loss or other misfortune.

  3. Give (someone) (attention, respect or admiration)

  4. Someone is paid money for a permanent job.

  5. On the fish (wooden deck or vibrating liner) or with tar to prevent leakage.

Sentences of Pay
  1. Paying residents to collect coffee beans

  2. They pay the price for your impatience

  3. No one pays attention to them

  4. Those who work under contract may receive higher wages

Synonyms of Pay

remunerate, net pay, tip, reward, indemnify, extend, settle up with, grant, take-home pay, proffer, hand out, wages, give payment to, pay the price, gross pay, recompense, reimburse, atone, render, be punished, pay a penalty, get one's deserts, take one's medicine


Meanings of As:
  1. It is used to indicate the degree or degree of an object.

  2. It is used to indicate someone else's work or role.

  3. Although moderate (as stated)

  4. Used to indicate that something is happening while something is happening.

  5. It is used to show by comparison what is or is being done.

  6. Because since then.

  7. Whether

  8. Ancient Roman copper coin.

Sentences of As
  1. Go as soon as possible

  2. It was a surprise

  3. He was ill many times as a child

  4. Passing through the crowd, Frank looked at him.

  5. You can do whatever you want

  6. I have to stop now because I have to go

  7. Funny, don't pay your bills

  8. The donkey and the dinar were beaten by Mauritius Censorship, and his bearded crown was shown with a crown.

Synonyms of As

so as to appear to be, owing to the fact that, in the manner that, even if, even as, notwithstanding that, while, in the same way that, just as, despite the fact that, although, at the moment that, notwithstanding the fact that, with the appearance of, for all that, in the way that, though, however, during the time that, even though, considering that, because, the same way, at the time that, in the same manner that, the way, in view of the fact that, just when, in spite of the fact that


Meanings of You:
  1. It is used to identify the people in whom the speaker is speaking.

  2. It is usually used to refer to anyone.

Sentences of You
  1. You heard

  2. Over time, you'll get used to it


Meanings of Go:
  1. Moving from place to place.

  2. get out.

  3. Intention or possibility of becoming or doing something (used to express the future)

  4. Put yourself in certain situations, especially the undesirable.

  5. Do it in a special way or get a special result.

  6. Harmonious, complementary or random.

  7. (From machine or device)

  8. Contribute to (some) or use or purify (some).

Sentences of Go
  1. go shopping

  2. I really have to go

  3. I'm late for work

  4. The food is bad

  5. How was your weekend

  6. Roast roast with lamb

  7. I can't drive

  8. Much has been invested in the success of the operation.

  9. Note which card fits which slot

  10. For those who have never heard, here is the story

Synonyms of Go

vitality, be complementary, belong, bid, complement each other, take one's leave, withdraw, become, be in working order, harmonize, advance, come to be, progress, animation, spirit, develop, perform, vigour, move, endeavour, be located, brio, attempt, effervescence, perkiness, walk, be found, exit