Definition of Pax:

  1. (Christian Church) Kissing of bullets by all those who participated in the mass who represented the crucifixion or other sacred object, the kiss of peace.

  2. Travel industry abuse for travelers.

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Synonyms of Pax

Confession, Reciting the rosary, Bambino, Pyx, Celebration, Chaplet, Aspergillum, Freedom from war, Pieta, Accord, Lesser litany, Holy Grail, Aspersion, Circumcision, Telling of beads, Confirmation, Veronica, Cessation of combat, Processional, Candle, Phylacteries, Sanctus bell, Peace, Holy-water sprinkler, Censer, Eucharistial, Matzo, Ostensorium, Cross, Mezuzah, Prayer wheel, Cruet, Invocation of saints, Osculatory, Sacring bell, Shofar, Tabernacle, Bar mitzvah, Kiss of peace, Sukkah, Ark, Lustration, Asperger, Harmony, Prayer shawl, Menorah, Host, Sangraal, Liberty in tranquillity, The confessional, Exemption from hostilities, Asperges, The confessionary, Holy water, Icon, Incense, Auricular confession, Vigil light, Sacramental, Sacred relics, Thurible, Monstrance, Votive candle, Peacetime, Invocation, Relics, Mikvah, Agnus Dei, Ciborium, Beadroll, Incensory, Crucifix, High celebration, Holy cross, Beads, Rood, Urceole, Litany, Bas mitzvah, Love feast, Rosary, Tallith, Agape, Paschal candle

How to use Pax in a sentence?

  1. It is always important for a transport company to attract as many people as possible to maximize profits.
  2. When you run a travel business, you need to hire as many people as possible to keep your flights or trains complete.
  3. The pilot asked the flight attendant if all the passengers were sitting comfortably and wearing seat belts.

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