Patty Mayo YouTuber

With more than 8 million supporters on YouTube and 344k devotees on Instagram, it would be putting it mildly to say that Patty Mayo (genuine name: Patrick Thomas Tarmey) has amassed very much a fanbase on the web.

The YouTube character rose to notoriety for his abundance chasing arrangement, Southland Bounty Hunters, and right up 'til today, fans are attempting to learn if Patty Mayo is a genuine abundance tracker.

Who is Patty Mayo from ‘Southland Bounty Hunters’?

Patty at first introduced himself as a Southern California abundance tracker, who watchers would see participating in the dread of “criminals from equity (under bail and anticipating preliminary) or the repossession of property utilized as guarantee to get bail,” as per his Wikitubia page.

The arrangement’s 10-to 20-minute scenes based on “finding and catching bail outlaws, bond violators, and repossessing property,” the Wikitubia page keeps, referring to the “fascinating nature of the abundance calling” as what probably brought Patty Mayo more than 300k perspectives per video.

Is Patty Mayo a genuine abundance tracker?

As per U.S. authorities, while Patty Mayo has addressed himself as a sheriff’s delegate in uniform, a vehicle fitted with crisis lights and alarms, and what is by all accounts a handgun and a taser, “he is an entertainer and the uniform he wears is an outfit.”