Definition of Patronage:

  1. Cooperation with employers

  2. The position of providing assistance, support and protection, or the authority to designate a position or position. The sponsor (sponsor) and the recipient (user) create a network that allows access to different resources. This is due to the unequal distribution of power and has been closely linked to corruption since ancient times.

  3. A typical business that is run by an individual or group in a store, restaurant or public service.

  4. Authority to control office appointments or benefits.

  5. (In ancient Rome) Rights and duties or position of chief.

  6. Conditioning or cooling.

Synonyms of Patronage

Backing, Custodianship, Repute, Testimonial, Letter of introduction, Condescension, Charity, Championship, Nepotism, Governance, Reference, Commerce, Tutelage, Preference, Scorn, Purchasing public, Encouragement, Jurisdiction, Partisanship, Pork, Business, Advocation, Public, Condescension, Sponsorship, Help, Deigning, Spoils system, Auspices, Wardship, Bias, Charge, Favouritism, Guidance, Market, Pork-barreling, Superiority, Aid, Humiliation, Wing, Financing, Protectorship, Rural market, Backing, Watch and ward, Favoritism, Government, Youth market, Aegis, Fosterage, Clientage, Administration, Guaranty, Contempt, Benefaction, Carriage trade, Abetment, Advocacy, Philanthropy, Encouragement, Stooping, Traffic, Political patronage, Contempt, Seconding, Aid, Pastorship, Sponsorship, Support, Mockery, Plum, Pork barrel, Custody, Cure, Pastorate, Patronizing, Clientele, Trafficking, Aegis, Character, Credential, Disdain, Suburban market, Custom, Keeping, Furtherance, Partiality, Promotion, Trade, Guardianship, Funding, Goodwill, Trading, Guardianship, Patronizing, Subsidy, Melon, Character reference, Promotion, Power of appointment, Recommend, Assistance, Countenance, Care, Preferential treatment, Advocating, Support, Help, Trade, Scorn, Oversight, Disrespect, Good name, Protection, Defence, Wardenship, Financing, Nepotism, Recommendation, Favors of office, Stewardship, Partiality, Management, Interest, Auspices, Sympathy, Deigning, Boosting, Certificate of character, Stooping, Right of appointment, Disdain, Hands, Pastorage, Protection, Voucher, Favor, Business, Ministry, Contumely, Custom, Championship, Advocacy, Safe hands, Ward

How to use Patronage in a sentence?

  1. The rail link was immediately cut off due to weak sponsors.
  2. Art can no longer rely on personal protection.
  3. Satisfaction, even a touch of security.
  4. Thank you for your support! The dealer yelled at one of his regular customers that people like him were continuing the business.
  5. For me to continue sponsoring local businesses, they need to lower prices.
  6. The Advertising Department strives to increase sponsorship. Regular customers receive a discount voucher for each new tour.
  7. Hires are chosen on the basis of merit, not political preference.

Meaning of Patronage & Patronage Definition