Patron Shot Price

Patron Shot Price

What is the average protective silver tequila in the United States? 3

Patron is the name of tequila and in Mexico. I am interested to know the retail price of this particular type of silver or non-white.

Depending on where I bought it from, I paid 1.50 per cent.

It varies by state, but it is in the CA zone:

$ 7 to $ 9 per bar

A bottle at the store costs 39 39 (750 ml) and can fetch you 17 17 million.

If you like customers, try others like Don Julio, Herradura or Casa le (less marketing and much better wine !!!)

At the University of Northern Illinois, special Sunday fees are only 00 2.00. The price of a good drink is usually 6.50 and it costs every penny!

Patron Shot Price