Definition of Pathogens:

  1. Microorganisms responsible for diseases, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, are commonly found in sewers, hospital waste, agricultural runways and swimming water. Most pathogens are parasites (live in the host) and the diseases they cause are indirectly caused by the host that receives food or shelter. Large parasites (such as insects) and they are not called pathogens.

  2. Bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms that can cause disease.

How to use Pathogens in a sentence?

  1. Many things may have caused the outbreak in the village, but CDC doctors believe it is a disease in the lake water, where all children swim.
  2. The signs and symptoms of influenza in children are non-specific and can mimic a variety of common respiratory viral pathogens.
  3. Prior to the recent security breach at the Biology Corps' European facility, Dr. Cunningham had not thought twice about the possible introduction of dangerous pathogens into the environment, but now he is uncertain and wonders whether public health In danger
  4. The man tried to go to Africa to take part in a mission, but was infected with several diseases, which made him so ill that he had to return home.

Meaning of Pathogens & Pathogens Definition