Path goal theory

Path goal theory,

Definition of Path goal theory:

  1. Leadership concept that the subordinates accept a leaders behavior only so far as they view it as resulting in immediate or future benefit. Thus, a leaders main function is to clear a path to the realization of the subordinates goals; he or she must choose the behavior patterns that are most applicable in helping the subordinates get what they want.

How to use Path goal theory in a sentence?

  1. I followed the path goal theory to the T, so that my team members would be able to quickly and effectively meet their goals without interference.
  2. Our companys path goal theory has been drilled into our heads, it goes as follows: integrity first, service before self and excellent in all we do, our leader show try to lead by example in every way.
  3. In line with the path goal theory , the executive positions of the ski company were reluctant to follow the advice of the CEO until they knew exactly what they would be gaining from such allegiance.

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