Patent pending

Patent pending,

Definition of Patent pending:

  1. Unofficial designation of an invention whose patent application is still under review. It attempts to ward off copycat competitors, but provides no protection against infringement until the patent is actually granted.

  2. Such a designation serves as a means of notifying the public and other businesses or inventors–notably possible patent or trademark infringers—that they could be held liable for damages once a patent is issued. Such disclosure wording may vary depending on the jurisdiction and may include "patent applied for," "pat. pend," or "pat pending.".

  3. A patent pending is used by inventors to let the public know they have filed a patent application with the relevant patent and trademark authority. Patent pending is a legal designation that can be used with any type of patentable process or product to denote that a patent has been applied for but has not yet been granted.

How to use Patent pending in a sentence?

  1. Violators or copiers of pending patents can be sued for patent infringement and are liable for damages, such as back-dated royalties and injunction or a seizure of the items that copied their provisional patents.
  2. A patent pending notice is used by inventors to let the public know that they have filed a patent application for their innovation.
  3. The main benefit of a patent pending disclosure is that it establishes a priority date for the invention and provides legal recourse to the inventor.

Meaning of Patent pending & Patent pending Definition