Definition of Patch:

  1. A small program (a collection of computer code) that replaces one or more defective (corrupted) software files for their customization. However, patches often create their own bugs that require new improvements ... and so on, leading to programmers and salespeople for software companies.

Synonyms of Patch

Birthmark, Tinker, Marking, Ready, Shoulder patch, Set to rights, Segment, Straighten out, Mend, Enclave, Square, Ribbon of light, Tattoo, Overseas bar, Responsibility, Real estate, Cicatrix, Reconstruct, Toss off, Smutch, Block, Put in commission, Speckle, Beam of light, Recondition, Scratching, Scrap, Parcel, Eyesore, Bring to terms, Jury-rig, Dot, Darn, Quadrangle, Maculation, Radiation, Forty, Cut, Star, Set right, Whomp up, Section, Mottle, Bailiwick, Knock out, Ribbon, Dappledness, Atomic ray, Badge, Chicken, Pointillism, Splash, Plat, Stream of light, Scratch, Spottiness, Hershey bar, Smirch, Engraving, Fix, Blotch, Streamer, Infrared ray, Smithereen, Stippledness, Tinker up, Score, Settle, Epaulet, Splatter, Blaze, Chevron, Piece of land, Episode, Reconcile, Throw off, Put in shape, Put in repair, Speck, Macula, Plot of ground, Dash off, Cobble, Stage, Smouch, Do anyhow, Blemish, Eagle, Botch, Kraal, Bloodstain, Time, Rebuild, Gamma ray, Ultraviolet ray, Streak, Roughhew, Reinforcement, Pip, Repair, Tag, Piece, Fake up, Graving, Nevus, Lash up, Actinism, Do up, Service stripe, Morceau, Toss together, Do carelessly, Prick, Snip, Croft, Toss out, Parcel of land, Parachute badge, Area, Morsel, Doctor, Tattoo mark, Come to terms, Point, Checkmark, Knock together, Check, Territory, Clos, Organization insignia, Reinforce, X ray, Scotch, Pad, Dab, Invisible radiation, Commission, Photon, Clearing, Oak leaf, Period, Rice paddy, Service, Tract, Submarine badge, Tatter, Resolve, Stain, Sew up, Stream, Shoulder sleeve insignia, Hayfield, Spread eagle, Daub, Smear, Spell, Stippling, Pencil, Leam, Mark, Set straight, Ray of light, Atomic beam, Strawberry mark, Discoloration, Do offhand, Pointillage, Stipple, Dappleness, Patch together, Vamp, Tick, Stripe, Pound out, Shred, Spottedness, Beam, Plot, Dottedness, Trifle with, Roughcast, Fudge up, Stitch, Overhaul, Paddy, Puncture, Brand, Scarification, Sliver, Rough out, Cover, Put in order, Blot, Notch, Wheat field, Earmark, Taint, Close, Macule, Mottledness, Gleam, Knock off, Nip, Solar rays, Improvise, Pale, Speckliness, Violet ray, Caste mark, Gash, Patch up, Recap, Corn field, Smut, Dapple, Flick, Bar, Do by halves, Fleck, Nick, Polka dot, Freckle, Condition, Bungle, Experience, Ray, Chip, Scar, Aviation badge, Retread, Interval, Shiver, Heal, Quad, Flyspeck, Watermark, Slap up, Insignia of branch, Spatter, Freckliness, Knock up, Hack, Crumb, Blur, Splotch, Smudge, Tarnish, Snippet, Lot, Throw together, Ground, Actinic ray, Radiorays, Fix up, Stigma, Revamp, Hash mark, Snick, Bury the hatchet, Jot, Tittle, Lentigo, Bat out, Cultivated land, Mole, Splinter, Spot, Field

Meaning of Patch & Patch Definition

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