Past due

Past due,

Definition of Past due:

  1. Something that has surpassed its due date without resolution.

  2. Past due refers to a payment that has not been made by its cutoff time at the end of its due date. A borrower who is past due will usually face some penalties and can be subject to late fees. Failure to repay a loan on time usually has negative implications for a borrower's credit status and may cause loan terms to be permanently adjusted.

  3. Overdue.

  4. Past due status can occur on any type of payment that has not been paid by the cutoff time on its specified due date. Payments past due are usually penalized based on the provisions of a contractual agreement. Credit agreements are one of the most common situations in which past due payments may occur.

How to use Past due in a sentence?

  1. Any type of contractual payment agreement can have provisions for missed payments.
  2. Past due is a status referring to payments that have not been made by the cutoff time on the due date.
  3. Credit is one area where past due penalties are prominent and damaging.

Meaning of Past due & Past due Definition

Past Due,

Past Due Meanings:

  • Past Due means: Delay refers to payments that were not made before the due date at the end of the due date. A debtor who is in arrears usually faces fines and late fees. Failure to repay the loan on time usually has a negative effect on the borrower's credit standing and may lead to permanent adjustment in the terms of the loan.

    • Status relates to late payments that were not made on the due date.
    • All types of contract payment agreements may have conditions for late payment.
    • Debt is an area where arrears are high and risky.

Literal Meanings of Past Due


Meanings of Past:
  1. It used to happen and now it doesn't exist.

  2. The time or period before speaking or writing.

  3. The past tense or any form of the verb.

  4. Direction or opposite.

  5. Go to the other side

  6. It is used to indicate a period.

Sentences of Past
  1. The threat is over

  2. He had difficulty meeting in the past

  3. The past tense of the first gathering

  4. After crossing

  5. The great angel passed slowly

Synonyms of Past

over and done with, long-ago, finished, to the far side of, in days of old, ended, no more, dead and buried, in the good old days, defunct, in days gone by, earlier, former, previously, of old, back in the day, in olden times, at one time, from end to end of, in the olden days, across, gone by, ancient, forgotten, from one side of … to the other, by, down, between, past


Meanings of Due:
  1. Expected or expected at some point.

  2. With the right quality or the right size.

  3. Someone is in favor of what is obligatory for him.

  4. Payment of mandatory fees.

  5. (Referring to a point on the compass) directly.

Sentences of Due
  1. The baby is expected in August

  2. Driving without care or attention

  3. More than that, it attracts criticism

  4. Payment of union dues for years

  5. Head south again on the same road

Synonyms of Due

without deviating, requisite, exactly, straight, right and proper, rightful treatment, membership fee, plumb, proper, directly, expected, sufficient, apt, satisfactory, anticipated, suitable, adequate, scheduled for, precisely, ample