Past Due Item

Past Due Item,

What is The Meaning of Past Due Item?

  • Notes or other loan instruments that have not been repaid on time.

Literal Meanings of Past Due Item


Meanings of Past:
  1. It used to happen and now it doesn't exist.

  2. The time or period before speaking or writing.

  3. Some form of past or verb.

  4. Direction or opposite.

  5. Go to the other side

  6. Used to indicate a period.

Sentences of Past
  1. The threat is over

  2. He had difficulty meeting in the past

  3. The past tense of the first gathering

  4. After crossing

  5. The great angel passed slowly

Synonyms of Past

at one time, no more, previously, between, past, in days gone by, across, into and out of, by way of, in the good old days, done, ancient, in the olden days, forgotten, along, to the far side of, of old, from one side of … to the other, formerly, in olden times, on, extinct, over and done with


Meanings of Due:
  1. Expected or expected at some point.

  2. With the right quality or the right size.

  3. Someone is right about what they should do.

  4. Payment of mandatory fees.

  5. (Referring to a point on the compass) directly.

Sentences of Due
  1. The baby is expected in August

  2. Driving without care or attention

  3. More than that, it attracts criticism

  4. Has been paying union dues for years

  5. Head south again on the same road

Synonyms of Due

rightful treatment, proper, toll, charge, expected, squarely, right and proper, sufficient, directly, apt, precisely, awaited, plumb, anticipated, scheduled for, fair treatment, exactly, dead, straight, levy, without deviating, just punishment, undeviatingly


Meanings of Item:
  1. A single item or entity, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or aggregation.

  2. Used to insert each item in a list.

Sentences of Item
  1. Agenda item

Synonyms of Item

thing, artefact, product, module, commodity, bit, piece, article, object, unit