Passive Retention

Passive Retention,

Passive Retention Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Passive Retention is: See synonyms key term unscheduled retention

Literal Meanings of Passive Retention


Meanings of Passive:
  1. Accept or allow what happens or whatever others do without active reaction or resistance.

  2. Indicates or refers to the sound of the verb in which the subject undergoes the action of the verb (for example, they were killed, not killed).

  3. (Of a circuit or device) that does not have an electromotive power source.

  4. (Metal) no longer reacts due to the thin and non-surface oxide layer.

  5. Inactive form of the verb

Sentences of Passive
  1. Women are portrayed as inactive victims

  2. But the editor gave us a grammatical puzzle by inserting the main clause in a passive voice: "It cannot be broken."

  3. It is thought to be indicated by a very large proportion of resources, such as subordinate clauses, adjectives, pronouns I and passive.

Synonyms of Passive

acquiescent, tractable, patient, unassertive, compliant, pliant, malleable, pliable, non-violent, long-suffering, unresisting, yielding, submissive, forbearing, obedient, supine, lamblike, non-resistant, docile, complaisant, resigned, subdued, meek, deferential


Meanings of Retention:
  1. Use something, or control it permanently.

Sentences of Retention
  1. Maintain direct control of the central government