Passenger Liability

Passenger Liability,

Passenger Liability: What is the Meaning of Passenger Liability?

  1. Passenger Liability definition is: Passenger carrier responsibility.

Literal Meanings of Passenger Liability


Meanings of Passenger:
  1. Passengers on any means of public or private transport other than the driver, pilot or crew.

Sentences of Passenger
  1. More than 50 passengers were injured when a train derailed

Synonyms of Passenger

fare payer, rider, commuter, voyager, fare, traveller


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. A person or thing whose presence or behavior may embarrass or harm someone.

Sentences of Liability
  1. Partners are fully responsible for their own risks

  2. Became a political loss

Synonyms of Liability

burden, responsibility, legal responsibility, hindrance, encumbrance, nuisance, handicap, inconvenience, accountability, answerability