Definition of Pascal:

  1. Metric unit of pressure, defined as one newton force per square meter or one kilogram per meter per second per second. One pascal equals 0.00015 pounds per square inch (PSI) or 0.02 pounds per square foot. Named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-62), the first person to use barometric pressure to measure altitude.

  2. The SI unit of pressure, equal to one newton per square meter (approximately 0.000145 pounds per square inch, or 9.9 × 10⁶ atmospheres).

How to use Pascal in a sentence?

  1. All pressures are given in pascals consistent with the units used in the simulations.

Meaning of Pascal & Pascal Definition


What Does Pascal Mean?

Computer language for writing programs, which is also used in programming classes.

Meanings of Pascal

  1. The SI unit of pressure is equal to one Newton per square meter (approximately 0.000145 pounds per square inch or 9.9 × 10 atmospheres).

  2. A highly advanced computer programming language used for teaching and general programming.

Sentences of Pascal

  1. All pressures are expressed in Pascal, corresponding to the units used in the simulation.

  2. In the April 2001 issue, I read a conversation about Clex that I had hoped Pascal and Delphi had programmed, but the prices of these two commercial products made it impossible for me to budget.