Party Line Number 510

Party Line Number 510

5104162121 Shared channel? 3

What is the jelly rate ???????????


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510 Kalia has area code of Pne numbers. Therefore, if you call from Toronto, your phone company will charge you for your long distance calling plan.

Depending on your phone company, when you make a call and the DLD rates you have signed up for, these rates can range from 5 cents per minute to 70 cents per minute.

If you're on Bell, these links can help you estimate your costs: ...

For example, works for you ...: s

Common Line No. 510

This page can help you.


5104162121 Shared channel?

What is the jelly rate ???????????

Yes sir. Years ago it was 1.99 per minute. I can imagine a lot these days.


Party line?!?!


Do people give you drinks on tires?

Party Line Number 510