Definition of Partition:

  1. (Especially in relation to countries with different administrative territories) Act or state of division or division into parts states.

  2. Tenant participation in real estate, if all parties do not voluntarily consent to the termination of the common good, is affected by the judicial process.

  3. Divided into parts.

Synonyms of Partition

Sever, Parting, Breaking up, Cushion, Disconnection, Divide with, Subdivision, Share out, Bumper, Severance, Break up, Segmentation, Segmenting, Parcel, Bisector, Rupture, Pad, Abstraction, Split up, Alienation, Splitting up, Parcel out, Division, Slice the pie, Dissepiment, Partitioning, Septum, Cutting, Separate, Diaphragm, Splitting, Break-up, Brattice, Separation, Segment, Cutting the pie, Septulum, Dislocation, Disarticulation, Allotment, District, Repartition, Area, Dole out, Division, Split up, Isolation, Barrier, Collision mat, Cut up, Separatism, Sharing out, Disconnectedness, Portioning, Splitting, Divide up, Cut up, Split-up, Sharing, Subdivide, Incoherence, Rationing, Meting out, Split, Divorcement, Budgeting, Segregate, Zone, Slice, Dividing wall, Partitioning, Slicing, Detachment, Slice up, Dissolution, Dividing up, Cut, Halfway mark, Divider, Portion, Divide into shares, Wall, Separation, Parting, Property line, Breaking up, Divvy, Equator, Share, Disburse, Dividing, Chamber, Parceling, Zoning, Stall, Interseptum, Segregation, Divide, Share with, Line of demarcation, Panel, Screen, Compartment, Carve up, Apportion, Apportionment, Measure out, Split-up, Wall off, Part, Dispense, Dividing, Disengagement, Withdrawal, Fender, Split, Cell, Midsection, Separator, Discontinuity, Divvy up, Fence off, Disjunction, Cloison, Disunion, Distribution, Bulkhead, Section, Dividing line, Apportioning, Luxation, Subtraction, Shock pad, Set apart, Buffer state, Boundary, Booth, Midriff, Paries, Removal, Carve up, Disassociation, Diameter, Disperse, Divide, Mat, Separate, Carve, Buffer, Divorce, Room, Deal, Party wall, Subdivision, Disjointing, Doling out, Divide up, Subdivide

How to use Partition in a sentence?

  1. Countries are divided into separate states.
  2. An agreement was reached to divide the land.

Meaning of Partition & Partition Definition

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