Definition of Participation:

  1. The action of taking part in something.

  2. ■■■■■ consultation in decision making, goal setting, profit sharing, teamwork, and other such measures through which a firm attempts to foster or increase its employees commitment to collective objectives.

Synonyms of Participation

Involvement, Taking part, Part, Engagement, Contribution, Admissibility, Admission, Affiliation, Assimilation, Association, Companionship, Company, Completeness, Comprehension, Comprehensiveness, Comprisal, Consociation, Cooperation, Coverage, Eligibility, Embodiment, Embracement, Encompassment, Envisagement, Exhaustiveness, Fellowship, Fraternity, Fraternization, Inclusion, Inclusiveness, Incorporation, Membership, Openness, Partaking, Reception, Sharing, Society, Tolerance, Toleration, Whole

How to use Participation in a sentence?

  1. Participation in church activities.
  2. You should try and reward those at your company that voluntarily do group participation for the greater good of the company.
  3. The participation was increased two fold which excited the new management team as they were ecstatic to have everyone on board.
  4. We had to answer some of the questions in class, or we would not get any participation points for the day.

Meaning of Participation & Participation Definition

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