Participation rate

Participation rate,

Definition of Participation rate:

  1. In terms of a labor market, this is the number of individuals that are currently seeking or gainfully employed under legal circumstances. This rate only includes those individuals that have reached the legal age of employment (15 and older). Illegal immigrants or those individuals who are paid under the table are not counted in this rate.

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Participation Rate,

Participation Rate Meanings:

  1. For a stock index annually, the participation rate determines how much of the index's profit accrues annually. For example, an insurer can set a participation rate of 80 off, which means that only 80% of the profits in the index go to profits annually.

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Meanings of Participation:
  1. The process of participating in something.

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  1. Participate in church activities

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involvement, taking part, part, engagement, contribution


Meanings of Rate:
  1. The size, quantity or frequency is usually measured in relation to another quantity or measurement.

  2. Payment of a fixed price or compensation for something, especially good or service.

  3. Set a standard or value for (something) on ​​a given scale.

  4. Think of yourself as a particular quality, standard or area.

  5. Scolding (someone) to be angry

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  1. The crime rate increased by 26%

  2. Advertising fees

  3. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises

  4. The program is considered very successful

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charge, price, cost, tariff, hire, fare, figure, amount, outlay, assess, evaluate, appraise, weigh up, judge, estimate, calculate, compute, gauge, measure, adjudge, value, put a value on, consider to be, judge to be, reckon to be, think to be, hold to be, deem to be

Participation Rate,

What Does Participation Rate Mean?

  1. Labor force participation rate is an initiative of the labor force active in economics. The number formula is the sum of all the workers who work or actively seek work that are divided by the number of non-institutional working age citizens.

    • Activity level represents the percentage of the entire working age population who have a job or are actively looking for work.
    • In terms of the unemployment rate, there is a picture of the economic situation.
    • In the United States, participation rates have stabilized around 63 percent since 2013, but vary over time based on social, demographic, and economic trends.
    • Global labor force participation has steadily declined since 1990.

  2. In the case of stock indexed concessions, the share rate determines how much the index returns in annual profits. For example, an insurer can set an 80% participation rate, which means that only 80% of the index's income accrues annually.

Literal Meanings of Participation Rate


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

Sentences of Rate
  1. This program is considered very successful.

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