Partial Retention

Partial Retention,

What is The Meaning of Partial Retention?

  • The term risk finance refers to an organization that retains part of the risk and transfers the rest. Examples include excessive coverage, large deductions, or the use of a self-insurance program (SIR).

Literal Meanings of Partial Retention


Meanings of Partial:
  1. What exists is partially incomplete.

  2. One party's preference over other party's disputes is partial.

  3. I love it.

  4. The components of music sound are harmonic.

Sentences of Partial
  1. A question to which only partial answers are given

  2. The article presents a distorted and very partial picture of the situation

  3. At the top of the melody

Synonyms of Partial

prejudiced, limited, enjoy, care for, interested, fragmentary, have a predilection for, be fond of, have a taste for, skewed, imperfect, coloured, one-sided, biased, have a weakness for, like, love, have a proclivity for, incomplete, jaundiced, preferential, have a fondness for, partisan, have a liking for, discriminatory, unfinished, qualified


Meanings of Retention:
  1. Owning, using or controlling something permanently.

Sentences of Retention
  1. Maintaining direct control of the central government