Definition of Part:

  1. A character as represented in a play or movie; a role played by an actor or actress.

  2. A line of scalp revealed in a persons hair by combing the hair away in opposite directions on either side.

  3. Item of supply that (when coupled with an end product) cannot normally be disassembled without disrupting or impairing the designed or intended use of the end product.

  4. The contribution made by someone or something to an action or situation.

  5. To some extent; partly (often used to contrast different parts of something).

  6. Some but not all of something.

  7. (of two things) move away from each other.

  8. Abilities.

  9. A piece or segment of something such as an object, activity, or period of time, which combined with other pieces makes up the whole.

Synonyms of Part

Abrupt, Absolute interest, Accompaniment, Actor, Adjunct, After a fashion, Airspace, Alienate, Allotment, Allowance, Alto, Amount, Anacrusis, Antagonist, Antihero, Apportion, Appreciably, Appurtenance, Area, Arrangement, Arrested, Article, As for, As regards, Aspect, At any rate, At best, At least, At most, At the least, At the most, At the outside, At worst, Baritone, Bass, Bass passage, Basso continuo, Basso ostinato, Bassus, Batch, Be lost, Behalf, Belt, Benefit, Big end, Bigger half, Bit, Bit part, Bite, Bolt, Book, Bourdon, Break up, Bridge, Broach, Budget, Bunch, Burden, Business, By, By and large, Cadence, Callow, Canto, Cantus, Cantus figuratus, Cantus planus, Capacity, Carve, Carve up, Cast, Cast off, Cast out, Cause, Cease to be, Cease to live, Census, Chapter, Character, Chiefly, Chink, Chorus, Chunk, Circumstance, Claim, Clause, Cleave, Clutch, Coda, Coil, Column, Commission, Common, Comparatively, Component, Composition, Condition, Confines, Constituent, Constituents, Content, Contents, Continental shelf, Contingent, Contingent interest, Continuo, Contralto, Contribute to, Copy, Corner, Corridor, Count, Country, Crack, Crevasse, Cue, Cut, Cut adrift, Cut off, Cut open, Cut out, Cut up, Deactivate, Deal, Debrief, Decease, Defective, Deficient, Delete, Demob, Demobilize, Depart, Depart this life, Department, Descant, Destiny, Detach, Detail, Detectably, Development, Die, Disarticulate, Disband, Discharge, Disconnect, Disengage, Disintegrate, Disjoin, Disjoint, Dismiss, Disorganize, Dispart, Dispel, Disperse, Dissociate, Dissolve, District, Disunite, Divaricate, Diverge, Divide, Divide into shares, Divide up, Divide with, Dividend, Division, Divisions, Divorce, Divvy up, Dole, Dose, Draft, Drone, Duty, Easement, Edition, Eject, Element, Elements, Embryonic, End, Environs, Equal share, Equitable interest, Equity, Essentially, Estate, Estrange, Expel, Expire, Exposition, Faction, Factor, Failing, Fairly, Fall, Fall asleep, Fascicle, Fat part, Fate, Feature, Feeder, Figure, Figured bass, Fissure, Fixings, Fly open, Folderol, Forgo, Forsake, Fractional, Fragment, Fragmentary, Function, Generally, Give up, Go, Go away, Go off, Go out, Go separate ways, Gob, Grant a divorce, Grant an annulment, Ground, Ground bass, Group, Guts, Half, Halfway, Halver, Harmonic close, Heap, Heartland, Heavy, Helping, Hero, Heroine, Hinterland, Holding, Hunk, Hymnal, Hymnbook, Hypoplastic, Immature, In a manner, In a way, In arrear, In arrears, In default, In part, In short supply, In some measure, In support of, In the main, Inadequate, Incise, Incomplete, Incompletely, Index, Infant, Influence, Ingenue, Ingredient, Ingredients, Innards, Insides, Installment, Instrumental score, Integrant, Interest, Interlude, Intermezzo, Interspace, Interval, Introductory phrase, Inventory, Involvement, Isolate, Item, Items, Job, Join in, Keep apart, Lacking, Land, Large amount, Lay open, Lead, Lead role, Leading lady, Leading man, Leading woman, Leastwise, Leave, Let go, Libretto, Limitation, Limited, Line, Lines, List, Livraison, Lot, Lute tablature, Mainly, Make a space, Makings, Measure, Meed, Merely, Mess, Mildly, Milieu, Missing, Moderately, Modestly, Modicum, Moiety, Mostly, Movement, Music, Music paper, Music roll, Musical notation, Musical phrase, Musical score, Musical sentence, Muster out, Needing, Neighborhood, Not comprehensively, Not exhaustively, Notation, Number, Obtain a divorce, Office, Offshore rights, On the whole, One-and-a-half, Only, Ope, Open, Open up, Opera, Opera score, Orchestral score, Ornament, Pack, Paragraph, Parcel, Part and parcel, Part company, Part with, Partake of, Partial, Partially, Participate in, Participation, Partition, Partly, Parts, Party, Pass, Pass away, Pass on, Pass over, Passage, Patchy, Percentage, Period, Perish, Person, Personage, Phrase, Piano score, Piece, Place, Plain chant, Plain song, Portion, Position, Precincts, Premises, Prick song, Principally, Pro tanto, Proportion, Protagonist, Province, Pull apart, Pull away, Pull back, Pull out, Purely, Purlieus, Put apart, Put asunder, Put away, Put off mortality, Quality, Quantity, Quantum, Quarter, Quit this world, Quota, Rake-off, Ration, Refrain, Region, Relation, Relatively, Release, Relinquish, Remove, Renounce, Rent, Resolution, Response, Responsibility, Return to dust, Rift, Right, Right of entry, Rip, Ritornello, Rive, Role, Roll, Run, Sacrifice, Salient, Say, Scant, Scanty, Scatter, Score, Scrap, Scrappy, Section, Sectional, Segment, Segmental, Segmentary, Segregate, Separate, Sequester, Serial, Set apart, Set aside, Set at intervals, Settlement, Shard, Share, Share out, Share with, Sheet music, Short, Short score, Shut off, Shy, Side, Simply, Sketchy, Slice, Slice the pie, Slice up, Slit, Small amount, Small share, So far, Soil, Some, Somewhat, Songbook, Songster, Soprano, Soubrette, Space, Space out, Specialty, Split, Split up, Spread, Spread out, Spring open, Stake, Stand aloof, Stand apart, Stand aside, Stanza, Statement, Status, Step aside, Stock, Stop breathing, Straight part, Strain, Strict settlement, Strip, Subtract, Succumb, Sue for divorce, Sum, Supporting character, Supporting role, Surrender, Swing open, Tablature, Tailpiece, Tap, Tear, Tear open, Tenor, Terrain, Territory, Text, Thorough bass, Three-mile limit, Throw off, Throw open, Throw out, Thus far, Title, Title role, To a degree, To some degree, To some extent, Tolerably, Transcript, Transcription, Treble, Trust, Tutti, Tutti passage, Twelve-mile limit, Uncouple, Underdeveloped, Undersong, Undeveloped, Unit, Unmarry, Untie the knot, Unyoke, Up and die, Use, Usually, Variation, Verse, Version, Vested interest, Vicinage, Vicinity, Villain, Visibly, Vocal score, Voice, Voice part, Volume, Walk-on, Walking part, Wanting, Whole, Withdraw, Written music, Yield, Yield the ghost, Zone, Bit, Slice, Chunk, Lump, Hunk, Wedge, Fragment, Scrap, Segment, Piece, Role, Theatrical role, Character, Persona, Representation, Portrayal, Depiction, To a certain degree, To a certain extent, To a limited degree, To a limited extent, To some degree, To some extent, Partly, Partially, In part, Half, In some measure, Relatively, Comparatively, Moderately, To a point, Up to a point, A little, Somewhat, Involvement, Role, Function, Hand, Job, Task, Work, Responsibility, Capacity, Post, Position, Office, Participation, Bit, Contribution, Concern, Province

How to use Part in a sentence?

  1. The part in her hair was white and straight.
  2. She played a lot of leading parts.
  3. His lips parted in a smile.
  4. He played a key part in ending the revolt.
  5. The city is now part slum, part consumer paradise.
  6. The painting tells only part of the story.
  7. Divide the circle into three equal parts.

Meaning of Part & Part Definition